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What are the ingredients used in making sake?

The sake brewing process is a delicate and complex one, dating back over 2,000 years. Though having advanced over time, the process is still reliant on the same three ingredients, responsible for sake’s rich, refined taste:

Rice – While the type of rice used in the brewing process is important, the way they are planted also affects the quality of the resulting sake. Even the distances of which the seedlings are planted at play a part in the final taste!

Mastery – The toji master brewers’ level of skill are actually one of the most important ingredients in the whole process – trained in the ‘five senses’, their heightened skills are paramount in regulating, adjusting and maintaining the sake in an optimal state throughout the complicated brewing process.

Water – The quality of the sake also relies heavily on the water used throughout the entire brewing process. The top-grade sakes are brewed with only the finest waters, or also known as miyamizu water, for their softness and mellowness.

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