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What are some common misconceptions of sake?

We’re separating the myths from the legend – here are 5 debunked myths about sake that you should know!

Did you know that sake is more similar to beer, than wine? Here are some common misconceptions of our favourite beverage, debunked! ?

โพสต์โดย Makoto-Ya Singapore บน 30 สิงหาคม 2017


  1. “Sake is a rice wine
    • Sake is actually brewed from fermented rice grains, in a process similar to brewing beer instead!
  2. “Sake has very high alcohol content, and can easily cause hangovers.”
    • Sake’s alcohol percentage is usually around 15 percent, and is not as heavy as you think!
  3. “Sake is best enjoyed hot.”
    • Different sake can actually be enjoyed differently, with some better served chilled or warm.
  4. “Sake is very premium and expensive.”
    • There are many different grades of sake, and one to be enjoyed for every occasion – with the most affordable ones begin at just $10 a bottle!
  5. “Sake should only be paired with Japanese food.
    • Sake also complements a wide range of other cuisines – ranging from Italian, to Chinese, to American!

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