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What is the difference between bottled and draft beer?

There are people who drink their beer bottled, whereas some others crave for pints of draft beer.

In summary, here are the main differences:

  • Sunlight vulnerability:
    • Bottled beer is more easily affected by sunlight, with the ultraviolet rays easily penetrating the bottle glass, which might alter the taste slightly
    • For draft beer, this is not much of a problem because of the way it is stored in stainless steel kegs
  • Cleanliness
    • Both bottled and draft beer has high standards of quality and sterility, ensuring that taste and odour is not compromised
    • In the case of draft beer, it is important that maintenance and cleaning is regularly done, to ensure only the cleanest beer – something we do for all of our customers at least once every fortnight!
  • Taste and Odour
    • Bottled beers have the aromas stored within the bottles
    • Draft beers are more flavourful as it is poured into the glasses to breathe for a while before consumption

While both camps have their own set of fans, here’s the definite answer: draft beer is better – but only in the case of regularly cleaned beer lines! This is why we make it an absolute necessity to service the beer lines of all our customers at least once every fortnight, ensuring only the freshest Sapporo beer from our taps.

Now, which camp do you belong in?

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